Within our talentpool, we share and forward applications that have been recommended to us by our members. In consent with the applicants (trainees, young professionals) we are trying to give your company additional applicants and added opportunities for the applicants within our network. In this way, we are keeping motivated professionals within the region.

Your advantages in an overview:

  • additional applicants for your company
  • additional opportunities for the applicants
  • keeping the professionals within the region



The main aim of this project is the improve the external effect of companies within the region to attract potential future employees. The project supports companies in the creation of target group-oriented job advertisements as well as the improvement of the company’s employer attractiveness. The companies’ profile and open jobs will published via YOJO and social media. The project also presents professions in the food industry, including a checklist “Which profession suits me?”

Your advantages in an overview:

  • a target-oriented approach and company positioning
  • awareness rising as an attractive Employer within the target group
  • low personnel and financial expenditure
  • overall improvement of the industry image



Our human resources working group meets in regular intervals to exchange and discuss current topics, trends, and challenges within the industry. New participants are always welcome.

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